For over 5 years we have been constructing beautiful garden and outdoor living spaces throughout Melbourne and Geelong and now we are ready to develop your perfect outdoor space.

Design, Construction & Maintenance


An on site consultation is the first step to creating your perfect outdoor space.  During this initial meeting we will discuss your requirements for the space and determine if a landscape plan is required (some work will not require a detailed landscape plan), we will determine what style of garden suits and plants which you would like incorporated into the plan.  We will also obtain measurements either from a site plan or by physically measuring the area to allow us to complete a landscape plan that fits the space, your budget and expectations.


Landscape Plan

We then complete a first draft of the landscape plan detailing all finished surfaces, irrigation details, construction specifications, plant species, locations and numbers.  This is emailed to you for you to view and contemplate before meeting at our office to finalise any requirements you require.  This process will cost between $300 to $600 depending on the size and detail required in the landscape plan, this fee will be determined during the initial consultation before you proceed.  If you require a construction quote we will then prepare a written quote for the fulfilment of your landscape project.


Landscape Construction

Luke Theodore Landscaping offer a garden maintenance service that ensures your garden fulfils its full potential.  Qualified horticulturists can develop a maintenance program that suits your garden requirements and enable your to enjoy your garden even when you don’t have time to maintain it.  Maintenance fees are $50/hour (inc. gst) with an extra cost applying to spraying, rubbish removal, mulching and fertilising.